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Panchkarma treatments are done basically in three major steps, that leads to variety of therapies in every step.

PURVAKARMA 1st Stage- 

in this step oleation therapy (abhayangam) and hot fomentation (swedana) therapies are done which in together loosens the excess doshas and toxins accumulated in the body.

PRADHAN KARMA 2nd Stage – 

 this the actual treatment, where specialized treatment is done to expel excess doshas, toxins, and other accumulated impurities, this leads in building a healthy body and revitalizes the system.

Patient feels healthy and reduction of every health issue for which panchakarma was planned

Paschatkarma 3rd Stage –

in this final stage, diet is planned, Agni / digestive power of the body is maintained. Along with diet lifestyle modification is suggested to prevent the reoccurring of the disease. 

Lifestyle management along with diet and panchkarma leads to a healthy disease free life. Ayurveda offers a variety of treatments techniques that are unique in itself, this can work on any specific organ-related issues.